von Hingabe


Canisa Casa di Arancina

Dam born:      02 January 2023

Pedigree:       ROI  23/21086

Microchip:    380260102439822

DNA:               Geprüft

HD:                 Normal

ED:                 Normal

Megan von Hingabe is the offspring of two exceptional German Shepherds: Saul della Valcuvia and Aifa von Hingabe.

Saul della Valcuvia, is a male with an impressive pedigree, known for his masculine traits and remarkable expressiveness. He stands out for his correct body structure, with a masculine head, high withers, straight back, and well-positioned croup. With a confident temperament and a well-defined character, Saul proves to be an outstanding specimen, with fluid and graceful movement.
On the other hand, Megan’s mother, Aifa von Hingabe, is a carefully chosen female to complement the line of Mondo di Casa Palomba.

Megan von Hingabe is the result of the combination of these prestigious pedigrees, inheriting excellent traits from both her father and her mother. With remarkable genetic potential, Megan promises to be a shining presence among German Shepherds, contributing to the improvement of the breed standard and continuing the Hingabe family tradition.


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German Shepherd Kennel - Casa di Arancina

Casa di Arancina, a kennel specialized in breeding German Shepherds, was founded in 2015 in Bucharest. Ara was the source of inspiration for our passion and the development of this kennel. We collaborate with other exceptional kennels to obtain remarkable specimens and to select individuals with excellent genetics.

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