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Concise Historical Overview

Horand von Grafrath, părintele fondator al Ciobănescului German. Horand reprezenta tipul regional din Turingia.
Horand von Grafrath, the founding father of the German Shepherd. Horand represented the regional type from Turingia.

The German Shepherd is a dog breed with a long history, originating in the 19th century in Germany. It was created to work alongside shepherds, ensuring the protection and guarding of flocks of sheep. Thanks to its remarkable qualities, such as loyalty, intelligence, and physical strength, the German Shepherd quickly became popular not only in Germany but also in other countries. It has been used not only for flock protection but also in various activities, including in the police and rescue fields, demonstrating its versatility and usefulness in different roles. Today, the German Shepherd remains one of the most appreciated dog breeds globally due to its ability to be a devoted companion and to work in various fields.

It was officially recognized as a distinct breed in 1899 when Captain Max von Stephanitz founded the “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde” (German Shepherd Association), also known as SV. Von Stephanitz was fascinated by the working qualities of shepherd dogs and wanted to create a breed that would be supreme in guarding, working, and protection abilities.

He identified and selected several dogs with exceptional traits, including one named Horand von Grafrath, whom he considered the foundation of the German Shepherd breed. These dogs were cherished for their working abilities, intelligence, and emotional stability.

Von Stephanitz laid the racial standard foundation of the German Shepherd, promoting firmness, confidence, and robust physical qualities in the breed he created. Since then, the German Shepherd has become one of the most popular dog breeds globally, appreciated for its loyalty to its owner, intelligence, and versatility in various roles, from guarding and protection to working in the fields of police, rescue, and assistance for people with disabilities.

Character and General Appearance

Graf Eberhard vom Hohen-Esp, who held many bloodline connections to Swabian service dogs.
Graf Eberhard vom Hohen-Esp, who held many bloodline connections to Swabian service dogs.

The overall appearance is that of a medium to large-sized dog, strong and muscular, with a compact and robust structure. It has a well-proportioned figure, with a square-shaped head, erect ears, and alert and intelligent eyes. The coat is of medium length, dense, and with a double layer, providing protection against the weather.

This breed is known for its fluid and confident movements, highlighting agility and strength. The typical body position is slightly inclined forward, with a straight back and evident musculature.

The personality of this dog is characterized by loyalty, intelligence, and confidence. It is a devoted and protective companion, having a natural predisposition for work and eager to impress its owner with its abilities. The German Shepherd is a remarkable working dog, suitable for various tasks, from guarding and protection to sports activities and therapy.

The overall appearance reflects its functionality and usefulness, being a beloved and respected breed worldwide for its balanced character and impressive qualities.

German Shepherd Kennel - Casa di Arancina

Casa di Arancina, a kennel specialized in breeding German Shepherds, was founded in 2015 in Bucharest. Ara was the source of inspiration for our passion and the development of this kennel. We collaborate with other exceptional kennels to obtain remarkable specimens and to select individuals with excellent genetics.

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Logo-ul Federației Chinologice Internaționale evidențiază standardul rasei Ciobănescului German, recunoscut pe plan mondial pentru calitățile sale remarcabile.
Sigla Clubului National de Ciobanesc German
Logo-ul Asociației Chinologice Române pune în valoare tradiția și calitățile de excepție ale Ciobănescului German, promovând standarde ridicate în creșterea și îngrijirea acestor câini.
Logo-ul Asociației Metropolitane București este un simbol al dedicării față de Ciobănescul German și de standardele ridicate ale acestei rase remarcabile.