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German Shepherd breeding

Experience the pinnacle of breeding excellence at our kennel. Specializing in German Shepherd breeding, we share invaluable insights and reliable techniques to uphold the health and prestige of your dog’s lineage.


Carefully Selected German Shepherd Breedings at Casa di Arancina.

We are a kennel located in Bucharest, specializing in breeding German Shepherds with hip dysplasia certificates issued by SV Germany, beauty and work exams, as well as DNA tests.

At Casa di Arancina, we are committed to bringing superior quality offspring into the world through careful selection of breeding pairs. We collaborate with trusted partners, adhering to the rigorous health and performance standards of the breed. Primarily, hip dysplasia tests certified by SV Germany demonstrate our commitment to producing dogs without genetic conditions.

Additionally, beauty and work exams complement the overall picture of the qualities and potential of our specimens. That’s why we ensure that the pairings are made in accordance with breed standards.

DNA tests are essential to confirm the genetic lineage and provide absolute transparency to our clients. Essentially, the tests bring clarity to the origin and genetic heritage of the puppies, thus offering increased confidence in the choices made.

In conclusion, at Casa di Arancina Kennel, we have a strong commitment to quality, health, and professional standards in our breedings. We encourage dog lovers to contact us to benefit from our experience and to add to their family a high-quality German Shepherd puppy with an authentic pedigree and remarkable potential.

German Shepherd Kennel - Casa di Arancina

Casa di Arancina, a kennel specialized in breeding German Shepherds, was founded in 2015 in Bucharest. Ara was the source of inspiration for our passion and the development of this kennel. We collaborate with other exceptional kennels to obtain remarkable specimens and to select individuals with excellent genetics.

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Logo-ul Federației Chinologice Internaționale evidențiază standardul rasei Ciobănescului German, recunoscut pe plan mondial pentru calitățile sale remarcabile.
Sigla Clubului National de Ciobanesc German
Logo-ul Asociației Chinologice Române pune în valoare tradiția și calitățile de excepție ale Ciobănescului German, promovând standarde ridicate în creșterea și îngrijirea acestor câini.
Logo-ul Asociației Metropolitane București este un simbol al dedicării față de Ciobănescul German și de standardele ridicate ale acestei rase remarcabile.