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Learn about Casa di Arancina’s rich history and dedication to breeding exceptional German Shepherds. Discover our values, mission, and commitment to excellence in every aspect of our kennel. Explore our story now.

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Passion and Dedication in German Shepherd Selection

Casa di Arancina Kennel has always had a profound love for the German Shepherd. We closely collaborate with exceptional kennels, earning a reputation through our passion.

We provide optimal conditions for the development of our dogs and achieve remarkable performances. Excellence is our priority. We invest in the highest quality.

Casa di Arancina adheres to the requirements of the German Shepherd Club – SV Germany. We are dedicated to raising healthy and balanced German Shepherds, becoming beloved members of families.

Pui ciobanesc german dragut alintat.

Children Love Animals and Vice Versa

Pets and children share a special bond based on love and loyalty. This connection brings joy and confidence into children’s lives.

Children are often drawn to pets because of their playful and friendly personalities. These traits of pets provide children with reliable friends to have fun with and share special moments.

At the same time, pets offer children a sense of comfort and security. By simply being around pets, children feel surrounded by love and support.

The Benefits of Children Growing Up with Pets

Children who live with pets benefit from enhanced social development. They develop communication and interaction skills through their special bond with animals.

Pets improve the mental and physical health of children. The calming effect of animals and activities with them bring benefits.

Children become responsible and empathetic in caring for animals. The presence of a pet reduces stress and anxiety.

Animals provide emotional support and comfort in difficult times. They are valuable partners in children’s harmonious development.

German Shepherd Kennel - Casa di Arancina

Casa di Arancina, a kennel specialized in breeding German Shepherds, was founded in 2015 in Bucharest. Ara was the source of inspiration for our passion and the development of this kennel. We collaborate with other exceptional kennels to obtain remarkable specimens and to select individuals with excellent genetics.

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german shepherd club
Logo-ul Federației Chinologice Internaționale evidențiază standardul rasei Ciobănescului German, recunoscut pe plan mondial pentru calitățile sale remarcabile.
Sigla Clubului National de Ciobanesc German
Logo-ul Asociației Chinologice Române pune în valoare tradiția și calitățile de excepție ale Ciobănescului German, promovând standarde ridicate în creșterea și îngrijirea acestor câini.
Logo-ul Asociației Metropolitane București este un simbol al dedicării față de Ciobănescul German și de standardele ridicate ale acestei rase remarcabile.